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PKI as a service

Matter-compliant certificate service

Kudelski IoT’s Matter Product Attestation Certificate Service enables companies to get scalable access to Device Attestation Certificates, letting them join the Matter ecosystem with confidence and ease. We can also be your strategic security partner throughout your entire product lifecycle.


What is a Matter Certificate?

Matter certificates create trust and guard consumers against counterfeit devices that might claim to have Matter certification but don’t, or that claim to be from that brand but are not. They enable secure device-to-device and device-to-cloud communications so that consumer data and privacy are protected. Matter 1.0 specifically requires the use of Device Attestation Certificates (DACs).

Purchase Certificates
Complexity managed

Putting a Certificate Authority in place yourself is costly and time consuming

We manage that complexity for you so you can focus on product innovation and sales, and our ability to deliver at volume creates cost efficiency and scalability for your business.


We generate the certificates you need to be part of the Matter ecosystem

Using Kudelski IoT keySTREAM PKI-as-a-Service, we deliver Matter-compliant certificates that will identify your device as officially certified by Matter and part of the trusted ecosystem, enabling security, interoperability and ease of use for end users.


Trusted certificates from a company that has been creating device credentials for more than 30 years.


Cloud setup of your vendor-specific Product Attestation Intermediate (PAI)


Managed generation and delivery of Matter Device Attestation Certificates (DAC)


Secure batch delivery for offline factories